Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Brine Shrimp Pattern

brine shrimp

One of our main focuses on the Lake Bonneville Crochet Reef project is the ecology of the Great Salt Lake.  Brine shrimp are the most populous creatures out there.  We're going out to visit the kids at the UMNH summer camp today, along with the Great Salt Lake Institute, to talk about our project and teach some crocheting.  Here is a simple brine shrimp pattern I came up with that will be quick and easy for kids.  Plus they're super cute!

Brine Shrimp Pattern
Chain 11, turn
Single crochet in second ch from hook and in next 8
3 sc in last sp
continue around other side making 1 sc in each space

when you get to the end make 10 ch, turn and sc in second ch from hook and in each space back up the tail. Sc in next sp on body.

2 sc in each of next 9 spaces
3 sc in next sp
2 sc in each of next 9 spaces
end with 1 sc in next sp. Fasten off

weave in loose end, or leave it as an extra leg

cut 20 – 2 inch pieces of yarn

Fold a piece of yarn in half and hold it on one side of the brine shrimp. Put the crochet hook through a loop and grab the short piece of yarn, pulling it through the loop. Grab both short ends of the yarn and pull them through the loop. Pull with your fingers to tighten. Continue, using 10 pieces of yarn on each side to make the legs. If that part is hard, they can just pull one end through and tie it in a knot.

Have fun!

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