Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Opening Night

Opening Night_9
We did it!  Lake Bonneville Crochet Reef opened Friday night at Westminster College.  This is 10 months worth of work of over 20 crochet artists, and 165 students from area schools and summer programs.

Opening Night_27
We had a pretty good turn out.  If you missed the opening, the exhibit will be up through the month of November.

Opening Night_13
Our reef has giant starfish....

Opening Night_24
and giant brain coral!

Opening Night_22
Frilly coral...

Opening Night_15
and loopy, twisty kelp like pieces.

Opening Night
Large plushy organisms....

Opening Night_30
and smaller, sharp pointed ones!

Opening Night_6
The variety is endless.

Opening Night_10
The visitors seemed very taken by the swimming fish and jelly fish.

Opening Night_2

We even have a resident gull!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this first incarnation of the Lake Bonneville Crochet Reef!

Joanne Lovejoy
Deb Sussman
Kandace Steadman
Sherly Gillilan
Naomi Marine
Vickie Morgan
Bobbi Lewin
Helen Rollins
Becci Webb
Penny Eidson
Sheri Krueuz
Marion Fowden
Cheryl Baker
Astara Knowley
Andrea Nelson
Hikmet Loe
Laurie Richards
Richelle Warr
Setenay Caldiero
Andy Wolcott

...the kids from: Franklin Elementary, Youth City, Utah Museum of Natural History Summer Camp, Hawthorne Elementary, and Mr. Cortez' class from Lincoln Elementary in Ogden.

..and of course Amy McDonald from Brolly Arts, and Jaimi Butler of Great Salt Lake Institute.  Thank you also to Westminster College for hosting our reef.

Our reef is going to continue to grow and will be displayed at various venues during 2012.  If you want to contribute send us an email at slccoralreef@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reef Installation

We started the installation process last night.  Watch our reef come alive!













Almost done!  We have a little bit more to hang tonight, then it will be ready for viewing.  Be sure to join us on Friday night, 6-8pm to see the results!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mr. Cortez' Class Crochets!

The Lake Bonneville Crochet Reef group went up to Ogden on Monday to crochet with Mr. Cortez' class.  What an amazing, brilliant, and enthusiastic group they were!

Mr. Cortez' class_15
The kids caught on so fast!

Mr. Cortez' class_12
They were excited to see what they could do in such a short time.

Mr. Cortez' class_7
There was lots of innovating going on...

Mr. Cortez' class_3
and thoughtful contemplation.

Mr. Cortez' class_8
Big plans were being made:)

Mr. Cortez' class_18
She could crochet with her eyes closed!

Mr. Cortez' class_1
Everybody was having a good time.


Mr. Cortez' class_14
There was even some silliness!

Mr. Cortez' class_16
And competition!

Mr. Cortez' class_9
I heard talk of going home to teach families how to do this.

Mr. Cortez' class_2
The kids show off their sea weed here.  All of their work will be included in our reef exhibit at Westminster! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Almost Time!

community coral
It's almost time to start building our reef!  Here is a sampling of some of the pieces that are coming in from our community crocheters!

community coral
The variety and the creativity are simply wonderful!

fantasy coral
Do you have any crochet coral pieces you'd like to contribute?  Email Bobbi at slccoralreef@gmail.com, and we'll make arrangements for me to get them from you.

Our exhibit is scheduled to open October 28 at the Meldrum Science Center at Westminster.  Watch here for more details on time.  Also, remember to friend us on Facebook for updates on the project!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Antelope Island Field Trip

Antelope Island July 2011_1
We had another amazing field trip out to the Great Salt Lake on Saturday, led by Jaimi of Great Salt Lake Institute.

Antelope Island July 2011_14
I love our lake!  It is such an amazing and precious gift.

Antelope Island July 2011_18
I've decided our reef needs birds!  And what other bird would do besides a California Gull?  Well, ok - pelicans, avocets, stilts.......  I'm putting out a challenge to create amigarumi birds for our reef!  What will you come up with?

Happy crocheting!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crochet Fun for All!

summer camp
We have been having tons of fun working on our crochet reef!  Last week we got to join the kids at the Utah Museum of Natural History and Great Salt Lake Institute summer camp.  What a great group of quick learners and fun kids these guys were!  They crocheted seaweed to add to the reef exhibit.

Vickie at summer camp
I've been told they had so much fun, that the next day some of the boys were asking for more yarn to keep crocheting!

crocheting boys are cool
These guys had some giant chains going!

mini reef utah arts fest
Last night, we installed our mini reef at the Utah Arts Festival.  You can see the kids' seaweed in there, and draped in the bushes.

mini reef utah arts fest_3
The mini reef is in flag pole circle, on the east side of the City and County Building, right along with all of the yarn bombing and Random Acts of Art presented by Utah Arts Festival and Art Access.

mini reef utah arts fest_2

Stop by the Utah Arts Festival Thursday through Sunday (June 23-26).  The yarn bombers will be there knitting and crocheting each day, noon to 9pm.

We still need lots (LOTS!!) more crocheters to create our big reef that will be exhibited in October at the Meldrum Science Center at Westminster College.  We welcome all contributions to the reef, from one piece of coral to a school of crocheted amigarumi fish.   Email Bobbi at slccoralreef@gmail.com to contribute your creations!