Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mr. Cortez' Class Crochets!

The Lake Bonneville Crochet Reef group went up to Ogden on Monday to crochet with Mr. Cortez' class.  What an amazing, brilliant, and enthusiastic group they were!

Mr. Cortez' class_15
The kids caught on so fast!

Mr. Cortez' class_12
They were excited to see what they could do in such a short time.

Mr. Cortez' class_7
There was lots of innovating going on...

Mr. Cortez' class_3
and thoughtful contemplation.

Mr. Cortez' class_8
Big plans were being made:)

Mr. Cortez' class_18
She could crochet with her eyes closed!

Mr. Cortez' class_1
Everybody was having a good time.


Mr. Cortez' class_14
There was even some silliness!

Mr. Cortez' class_16
And competition!

Mr. Cortez' class_9
I heard talk of going home to teach families how to do this.

Mr. Cortez' class_2
The kids show off their sea weed here.  All of their work will be included in our reef exhibit at Westminster! 

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