Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crochet Seashell

cotton seashell_2
I did it!  I crocheted a seashell!  I started earlier this week, using the seashell in the back as inspiration.

cotton seashell_3
I didn't just want this to look like a seashell on the outside; I wanted it to be true to form through and through.  I started with a 5 inch chain and used basic hyperbolic crochet, increasing every 6 stitches.  This piece formed the inner spiral of the shell.  I fastened off, wrapped it into the spiral, then reconnected the yarn and started a spiral of bullion stitches on the front.  I quickly realized that the spiral was going the wrong direction, so I tried to crochet left-handed to get it to go the other way!  It was working, but painfully slow.  Instead, I switched to basically making the bullions backwards, inserting the hook from back to front in the foundation stitch.

I continued on with the spiral until a point when I started working back and forth rows again.  The ruffled edge is also done with hyperbolic crochet.  For more ruffle I increased every two stitches, for a softer wave I used fewer increases. 
cotton seashell_5

cotton seashell_6
Can you hear the ancient sea in there?

We are crocheting tomorrow night (1/13/11) at 7:00pm at the Tea Grotto, then again on Tuesday (1/18/11) afternoon, 2:00pm same place if you wish to join us!